Hill College

Apply for Financial Aid

Federal and State Financial Aid

Federal-Pell Grant, SEOG; State-TPEG, TEXAS Grant

  • Fall Semester - July 1 (priority date)
  • Spring Semester - November 1 (priority date)
  • Summer Semesters - April 1 (priority date)

  • Institutional, Academic, Endowed -  Deadline is June 1
  • Athletic, Departmental Contact Coach or Director - August 1

There are 3 options to complete a FAFSA. On all applications Hill College must be identified as one of the schools that are eligible to receive the information.

The identification number for Hill College is 003573 for ALL CAMPUSES.

Option 1
FAFSA on the Web : Hill College recommends that any student who has access to the internet complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid via the web. The address is www.fafsa.ed.gov. This process allows the student to enter new applications or enter renewal applications. The process takes approximately 2 weeks. No appointments are necessary.


Option 2
Mail FAFSA to the Federal Processor

Mail the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to the federal processor per directions in the packet. A student should receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.


Option 3
Electronically Filing at Hill College

Hill College participates in the Federal EDE process, and provides the service of electronically transmitting an application to the federal processor. No fee is charged for this service. This process takes approximately 2 weeks the same time as the FAFSA On The Web.

When the Office of Student Information Services receives the Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR) from the federal processor, a file is considered active. The Student Navigator will review the information reported from the students application, and send a checklist of documentation that is needed to complete the file. Once a student receives a reply from the federal processor or Hill College, it becomes the student's responsibility to contact the Office of Student Information Services to complete his/her file.

Hill College reserves the right to request information on a student even if the student is not selected for verification. All students applying for federal or state aid will be required to complete an institutional application, and all student's must have a completed admission file before any aid will be awarded.

If the file is selected for verification or conflicting information is found, a student will be responsible for gathering all documentation asked for by the Student Navigator in a timely manner. Verification items mainly consist of, but are not limited to a student's or spouse's tax returns, parent's tax returns, verification worksheet, and untaxed income. Other items that may be needed are social security card, birth certificate, drivers license, and marriage license.

Corrections may be needed when all documentation is received. A correction can be made through the Office of Student Information Services or by the student by calling 1-800-433-3243. Within a week to 10 days the corrected ISIR is usually received. Any correction sent to the federal processor through the Office of Student Information Services will need signatures of the student or parent if applicable.

When a file is determined to be complete, the Office of Student Information Services will notify the student of the award through an award letter sent to their Hill College student email.


Determination of Financial Need and Eligibility
The amount of financial aid that a student is eligible to receive will be determined by the 'Expected Family Contribution' (EFC) that is calculated by the Federal processor and which appears on the SAR and/or ISIR. This is the amount that a student and/or his or her family is expected to contribute towards the cost of meeting their educational expenses. Another factor that determines the amount of aid that will be received is the 'Cost of Attendance' or 'Cost of Education.' This is the amount, as determined by federal and state guidelines, that it will cost the 'average' student to attend Hill College. If you feel that you may have extenuating circumstances which might warrant additional expenses being added to your 'Cost of Attendance' budget, contact the Office of Student Information Services.


Criteria for Determining Aid
The amount of the Pell Grant to be awarded is determined by the 'Cost of Attendance', the EFC, the number of hours of enrollment, and the Pell payment chart that is published by the United States Department of Education each year. After the amount of the Pell Grant has been determined, other campus based awards may also be made, based on the remaining unmet need of the applicant as well as the availability of funds.

The campus based programs have limited funds available, and the majority of the funds are awarded to those neediest applicants who have the earliest completed files. The institution does, however, have the policy of saving a portion of the funds from these programs for students who do not apply for enrollment or financial aid until later in the academic year, in an attempt to make funds readily available to all students. Those students who are interested in the Work Study Programs are required to submit an additional application before any Work Study award will be made.