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Personal Enrichment

Personal Enrichment Classes 

If you need to update your computer skills, learn QuickBooks, brush up on your Spanish, take better pictures, trace your family roots, or want to create fabulous cakes, here's where to find it. Scroll through our Spring offerings and find a fun class to build your skills and learn something new!

Extreme Couponing HCEC1015 (8 hours/$50)

Simple two hour lesson will help break down the couponing process into easy-to-follow baby steps, complete with assignments to get you started on your way to extreme coupon savings. By the end of the class, you will not only have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of extreme couponing, you will also know how to save megabucks at the drugstores.

           Sat            11/22 to 12/6                 12 pm - 4 pm                  Cleburne TBA



One-Day Wonders

Check out these computer classes to gain those skills you’ve always said you’d get around to learning! What could be simpler?

The below classes are held at the following facility:
City of Burleson-City Service Center
725 SE John Jones Dr.
Burleson, TX 76028

Beginning Excel ITSW 1014 (7 hour/s$56) .7 CEU’s
Do electronic spreadsheets intimidate you? In this course, you will learn to manage the power of Excel. You will learn prepartion and formatting techniques, how to insert texts and formulas into cells, how to use simple functions, how to construct charts for your data, how to format and print selected ranges, and about workbooks and moving data between workbooks.
             Tue            11/19           8 am - 4 pm              Burleson            TBA

Beginning Word POFI1024 (7 hours/$56) .7 CEU’s
This course is an introduction to word processing using Microsoft Word including terminology, editing functions, formatting and options. It will allow users to create professional documents such as resumes, letters and reports.
            Tue             11/12           8 am - 4 pm             Burleson              TBA

Intermediate Excel ITSW1015 (7 hours/$56) .7 CEU’s
Expansion of preparation and formatting techniques using Microsoft Excel and the incorporation of more complex formulas and formats to enhance spreadsheets and record editing.
          Wed            12/17            8 am - 4 pm             Burleson               TBA

Intermediate Word POFI 1024 (7 hours/$56) .7 CEU’s
Expansion of use of Microsoft Word using formatting tools, fonts, clipart, add tables, headers and other enhancements to documents created.
            Wed            12/3              8 am - 4 pm            Burleson                TBA

Outlook ITSW 1030 (7 hours/$56) .7 CEU’s
Chances are that even if you are already using Outlook, you haven’t discovered many of its scheduling and organizational features. Learn to create new messages, schedule appointments/tasks, manage messages, create/manage contacts, and create and manage tasks/notes. Communicate and coordinate your schedule with family, friends and colleagues.
            Fri              11/5               8 am - 4 pm           Burleson                 TBA

Power Point ITSW 1037 (7 hours/$56) .7 CEU’s
This course consists of introduction to presentations using Microsoft Power Point that includes planning, design and production of graphics/charts.
            Fri               12/19            8 am - 4 pm           Burleson                  TBA