Hill College

Marine Environment

BIOL 2406

Marine Environment is the study of ocean environments. This course reviews the physical, chemical, geographic, and biological aspects of the ocean. A survey of marine biota, contemporary commercial practices, and environmental issues are included. This course includes required field trips to Galveston and Corpus Christi at the expense of the student. Financial Aid for these field trips MAY be available for some students.

Prerequisite: ENGL 1301, MATH 1314, and 2 semester sequence of biology or approval of the instructor.

Co-requisite: Student must also enroll in lab for the course: BIOL 2106

  • BIOL 2406 is a class that can be used in the Associate of Science in Biology degree.

  • It is a TRANSFER course, for students who will be going on to 4-year universities.

  • It can be used as a sophomore elective for non-Biology majors

Class time/location

Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 -11:50 on both Hillsboro and Cleburne campuses.

For questions about this course, contact Sherman Jones, Instructor, at 254-315-6719.