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Alumni & Friends

Alumni & Friends


Hill College values our alumni, community and friends.  We are excited to reconnect with alumni and friends, whether you have graduated, taken one class or count yourself a friend of the college. Please accept our invitation to partner with us as we continue to serve you and pursue educational excellence.

As an alumni and friend of Hill College, we want to stay connected with you. We would love to know what you have been up to since you were last at Hill. Please send an update on yourself, family and/or job and any stories about your time as a student as we would love to share them in the updates section of our next newsletter.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact the Department of Alumni Relations for any questions!

Gabby Smith
Coordinator of Development
Hill College District
P: 254.659.7782

Alumni & Friends Association

Stay connected with fellow alumni and college events by joining the Hill College Alumni & Friends Association.

Requesting your membership is easy, free and you will get:

The Rebel Yell

The Rebel Yell has a new look!

Traditionally, this publication has been a quarterly newsletter distributed in both print and email format but as of May 1, 2015, the Hill College Rebel Yell will be distributed exclusively in an email format. In order to better communicate all things Hill College with our alumni and friends, we hope to update you on a weekly basis as exciting things happen at the College.

To be apart of our Alumni Email Network be sure to email gbarcenas@hillcollege.edu with the subject line Alumni ListServ ADD.

Finally, we need you! Please send us personal updates along with any exciting alumni new that you come across.