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Criminal Justice

Mission Statement

The mission of the Criminal Justice program at Hill College is to prepare students for transfer degrees as well as successful careers in the students’ desired profession. We seek to provide comprehensive curriculum and hands-on technology that will allow students to be abreast of the most current and emerging trends in the field of criminal justice.

Program Outcomes:

1. Students will effectively articulate factual information orally and in writing as applied to criminal justice practice.

2. Students will apply a professional code of ethics in exercising discretion and problem solving.

3. Students will explain the history and function of the three components of the American criminal justice system: law enforcement, courts, and corrections.

4. Students will summarize the constitutional protections granted to individuals who come in contact with the criminal justice system.

5. Students will describe the historical developments that impact the nature and extent of crime in the United States, including the evolution of criminological theories associated with crime causation and prevention.

6. Students will explain the role of substantive and procedural law in the criminal justice process, including the major philosophies of punishment.

About the Program

Hill College recognizes that criminal justice is one of America’s fastest-growing career fields. Hill’s qualified faculty and modern facilities ensure you are prepared to meet that demand. Our criminal justice program provides five areas of  study/specialization, with certificate and associate degree options offered at both the Hillsboro and Cleburne campuses. Additionally, you may choose from an associate of arts or an associate of applied science degree.

In the program, you can gain a successful foundation in areas such as law enforcement, corrections, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, and evidence technology. Our curriculum offers you the theory and practical instruction necessary for students to be prepared for their chosen field. 

Contact Information

Kyle May
Program Coordinator


Criminal Justice

Chemical Dependency
Evidence Technology
Law Enforcement Basic