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Nursing - LVN to ADN Transition

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We are excited to announce the launch of the Health and Community Services departments’ online application.  This is the standard application for all Health Career programs.  Submitting this application does not guarantee selection.  Each program has specific entry/documents/deadlines. 

 It will be the applicant’s responsibility to contact the program of choice for further application information/completion.

Applications submitted will be kept on file for 1 year.

The Summer 2017 LVN-ADN Transition program will be held on the Hillsboro Campus.

Important deadline dates
Application/Testing block - November 2016-Noon March 20, 2017.
Deadline:  4pm March 21, 2017

Health and Community Services Program Application


LVN-ADN Transition degree plan and application requirements

This transition program is an upward educational mobility option for LVN's currently licensed in the State of Texas who maintain good standing with the Texas Board of Nursing (LVN) or the Texas Department of State Health Services (Paramedic) and meets all the selection criteria as defined by the Hill College Professional Nursing Program.

The first course, RNSG 1327 Transition from Vocational to Professional Nursing, is a 5-6 week nursing course designed to evaluate the selected LVN's theory base in nursing content and skills as well as introduce nursing theory not presented in the traditional vocational nursing curricula. Successful of this first course progresses the student to the next semester of student in this integrated curricula for ADN Transition students.

The second semester contains content and clinical learning experiences associated with comprehensive nursing care of diverse clients/patients across the life span with complex health care needs including childhood/adolescent diseases, complicated perinatal care, acute mental illness, complex perioperative care, serious adult health medical issues and health concerns related to aging.

The third semester provides content and clinical learning experiences to prepare the student to apply client assessment skills, critical thinking skills and independent nursing interventions to care for diverse clients/families throughout the life span whose health care needs may be difficult to predict. Topics include nursing leadership skills, client/patient management skills, trends in nursing and health care issues, legal and ethical concerns and the significance of continued professional development.

 Location for the program is at the Johnson County Campus, Cleburne.

(254) 659-7920
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Interim Associate Degree Nursing Coordinator
Lori Moseley, MSN, RN Office Hours
Dean of Instruction, Health and Community Services
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Renee Jones, MSN, RN
Sherrie Florence, MSN, RN, 254-659-7929, sflorence@hillcollege.edu, Office Hours
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Mary Terry, MSN, RN, 254-659-7925, mterry@hillcollege.edu Office Hours

Administrative Support
Julie Britton, Administrative Assistant,  (817) 760-5921, jbritton@hillcollege.edu Office Hours
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