Hill College

Technical Training

Career and technical education programs are dedicated to preparing young people to manage the dual roles of family member and wage earner. Career and technical programs enable students to gain entry- level employment in a high-skill, high-wage job and/or continue their education.

In Texas, the primary responsibility for providing career and technical education at the postsecondary level has been given to the community colleges. Hill College has accepted the responsibility for providing high quality career and technical education programs that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of people in the geographic area served by the college.

The career and technical education program offerings at Hill College include business, industry, technology, and allied health.  In order to assure that these programs continue to provide relevant training, the college makes use of industry advisory committees.  Each individual program has an operational advisory committee made up of persons from business and industry who advise college officials in matters such as curriculum and current business and industry expectations.


To enroll in a career and technical education program, the student must meet the requirements for entrance to Hill College. Refer to the descriptions of the individual programs on the following pages for any special requirements.