Hill College

Study Abroad

Hill College offers a summer Study Abroad program for Spanish. This class is taught in a five-week summer session- one week at Hill College, before living with a family in Quinto, taking classes for four weeks and participating in volunteer opportunities.


  • May earn credit for SPAN 2311 and SPAN 2312
  • Will eat two meals per day and live with a host family while in country
  • Take cultural excursions as a group
  • May take cooking and dance classes
  • Study in small, appropriate-level classes in the mornings (placement based on initial oral and written test)
  • Study together, sometimes visit local cultural sites as a group in the afternoon.

Total cost of classes and home-stay is approximately $1500 plus airfare, Hill College tuition and spending money. Memories and personal growth last a lifetime.

For more information on how to study abroad with Hill College, contact Drew Proctor at 817-760-5910 or dproctor@hillcollege.edu

Spanish Instructor's Adventure