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Elementary Education

Be a Teacher

Teachers have always played a vital role in helping future generations shape how they view themselves and the world around them. Very few occupations allow a person to positively affect so many lives.

To excel at teaching, a person must possess patience and creativity along with the ability to communicate with, inspire and motivate students through trust and mutual respect. A good teacher needs to be able to employ different teaching methods in order for every student to achieve the highest level of learning possible whether it is through games, music, artwork, films, books, computers or other tools.


Program offered at our Cleburne Campus
Online and Night classes available








Moving On

Hill College has partnered with Stephen F. Austin State University to provide dual enrollment classes, allowing students who are accepted into the program to have the same right at Stephen F. Austin as those actually attending class at the university campus. This allows for a seamless transition from Hill College to Stephen F. Austin State University. This partnership will need the way to a bachelor's degree and teaching certificate, allowing from employment as an elementary-level teacher or with additional educations, pursue higher positions within the educational system.

Employment Opportunities

Upon graduation from Hill College with an Associate of Arts in Teaching, students will be eligible for in many public and private sectors of education including work as teacher aids and assistants in schools, day cares and religious organizations.

Students who plan to pursue a degree in elementary education at a senior college or university upon completion of their studies at Hill College will have a larger range of job opportunities to choose from including teaching positions in the public and private sectors and higher saleries.With excellent job opportunities over the next 10 years, accrounding to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau's Occupational Outlook Handbook, now is a good time to start your career in elementary education.