Hill College

Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics

Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics supports college decision making through the collection, analysis and dissemination of information. The office supports data research, strategic and departmental planning, student learning outcomes and administrative assessment, and mandatory state and federal reporting.

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Quick Facts


Fall 2013

Enrollment: 4,409
Contact Hours: 950,788
Average Age: 24
    Female-­‐  61%
    Male-­‐  39%


    Hispanic-­‐  21%


White, non-­‐Hispanic, only 75%
African American, non-­‐Hispanic, only 8%
Hispanic, only 10%
Asian, only 1%
American Indian, only 1.2%
Hawaiian  or  Pacific Islander , only  0.4%
Multi-­‐Racial 5%
International  0.6%

Hispanic may be of any Ethnicity.

May not equal 100% due to rounding and able to choose multiple ethnicities.

enrollment trends

Continuing Education

Quarter 2 (Dec-Feb)

Enrollment: 298
Contact Hours: 15,994
    Female- 36%
    Male- 64%
    White- 39%
    African American- 8%
    Hispanic- 11%

Continuing Education graph