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Campus Carry


Texas Senate Bill 11 (84R Texas legislature), also known as the "Campus Carry" was passed by the Texas Legislature on June 13, 2015. Beginning August 1, 2017, any individual who holds a current and valid License To Carry (LTC), formerly Concealed Handgun License (CHL), may carry a concealed handgun on or about the license holder's person where permitted on college property. Colleges may establish areas on campus where handguns will not be permitted for reasons of campus safety, subject to the approval of the Hill College President and Hill College Board of Regents. Effective notice must be given prior to entrance into gun-free areas. Appropriate rules, regulations and provisions related to carrying handguns based on the student population, safety considerations, and the specific concerns of the campus environment may be established. However, colleges may not establish provisions that generally prohibit or have the effect of generally prohibiting the carrying of concealed handguns on campus by LTC holders.


What does Campus Carry mean?

Texas Senate Bill 11 (84R Texas legislature), also known as the "Campus Carry" law, allows concealed handgun license holders to carry concealed handguns on the campus of Texas Higher Education institutions. The effective date for Texas four-year public universities was August 1, 2016; however, for community colleges, such as Hill College, the effective date is August 1, 2017. Private and independent institutions of higher education have the option to opt out of the law entirely.

Are guns currently allowed on Hill College campuses/centers?

No. Until the Campus Carry law goes into effect August 1, 2017, firearms are not permitted to be carried in any Hill College building or facility regardless of whether they are carried openly or concealed or if the individual has a concealed handgun license. Hill College cannot legally restrict licensed holders from carrying a concealed firearm in public spaces such as streets, driveways, sidewalks or parking lots adjacent to the college.  

What is Hill College doing to prepare for implementation of the campus carry law?

A task force will be formed to gather input from Hill College constituencies, including faculty, staff and students. The task force will provide input to Dr. Pam Boehm, Hill College President, regarding reasonable rules for restricted zones on campus. The rules, as approved by Dr. Boehm, will go before the Hill College Board of Regents for review, possible amendment and approval. Approved policies will go into effect by August 1, 2017.

How can I participate in the campus carry task force?

Send an email to campussafety@hillcollege.edu by December 1, 2016 expressing your desire to volunteer.

Where at Hill College will I be allowed to carry a handgun?

The Hill College Board of Trustees is expected to adopt a policy regarding campus carry around July 2017. An implementation plan will be developed. Once adopted, the Hill College campus carry policies will be distributed to faculty, staff, students and the community as well as being posted to the Hill College website. Per state law, Hill College will submit a report to the legislature describing the College's rules, regulations and other provisions regarding concealed carry.

What should I do if I see an individual carrying a handgun on campus?

The safest course of action is to call 911 to allow law enforcement to make contact with the individual.

Are handguns the only type of firearm to which campus carry applies?

Yes. Senate Bill 11 makes it legal for licensed holders to carry concealed handguns on campus, but not rifles and other firearms.

Who can get a license to carry a concealed handgun?

In general, legal residents of the state of Texas who are at least 21 years of age, pass a criminal background check and receive classroom and shooting range instruction can receive a license to carry. Texas requires that applicants not have certain criminal convictions and histories of substance abuse or certain mental disorders. Texas also bans anyone who is delinquent on their taxes of child support payments from getting a license.

Can faculty personally establish rules disallowing individuals from carrying handguns into their offices, classrooms or laboratories?

No. District wide guidelines regarding Hill College's campus carry policies and procedures will be developed and approved by Dr. Boehm and the Hill College Board of Regents. All places where concealed carry is prohibited on campus will be listed in the Hill College policy when approved.

What is "open carry" law and will it allow license holders to openly carry a handgun on campus?

House Bill 910, also known as the "Open Carry" law, permits handgun license holders to openly carry a handgun with no duty to conceal it in areas where it is not prohibited by law. This law became effective on January 1, 2016. House Bill 910 states that a handgun license holder cannot carry a partially or wholly visible handgun, regardless of whether it is holstered, and intentionally or knowingly display the handgun in plain view of another person on the premises (building) of a college or university, or any driveway, street, or parking area of a college or university.

The Campus Carry Survey

Hill College administration is charged with recommending policies and procedures that, while following applicable state and federal law, also reflects the input of members of the college community, including faculty, staff and students. Hill College is soliciting input on the below survey, the responses to which will assist the Campus Carry Task Force in developing policies and procedures to be recommended to the President and Board of Regents. We welcome your input!