The web sites below are to help students understand their financial aid.  If you have additional questions, please contact one of the Hill College Student Loan Coordinators for assistance.

Jessica Crawford
Hill County Campus

Kirsten Morrow
Johnson County Campus

Exemptions or Waivers specific to Texas colleges or universities.  Do you want to learn about additional options for paying for college in Texas? The College for All Texans website is maintained by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and provides the requirements for all the exemptions and waivers that a college could offer.  Please be aware there some exemptions and waivers that are considered optional and may not be offered by all institutions. The College For All Texans website provides information on the some of the following exemptions:  Firefighter, Peace Officer, Blind/Deaf, Foster and Adoption.

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) provides a student access to their financial aid history including Federal Pell Grant funds and Federal Direct Loan funds that have been awarded and dispersed to the student.  NSLDS provides students a timeline of their financial aid history.  This will include the amount of grants received as well as loans. The loan information includes the amount borrowed, the interest rate at the time of the loan and contact information.  Please review your information for accuracy. 

NSLDS is also the place to find out who to contact when it is time to pay back your student loans.  The Department of Education has contracted several servicers to assist students with paying back their student loans at no cost to the student.  You should never pay an outside company for help with your student loans.  Please review the Federal Student Aid website for a complete list of loan servicers.

Students will need their FSA ID and password to access their NSLDS account.
Federal Student Aid is the Department of Education's website concerning all financial aid topics.  However, is it time to consider repaying your student loans? Are you getting close to graduation?  Students have 6 months from the time they leave school before they will enter repayment.  Leaving school is defined when a student withdraws, graduates or stops attending completely.  When you leave remember to complete Exit Counseling as it is a requirement of your student loans. 

If you are transferring to another institution contact your lender so that your loans don't go into repayment until you have completed a program at your new institution.  Federal Student Aid offers several different repayment plans to students.
Take a moment to read this article from the Department of Education's Blog called Homeroom with some helpful tips on paying off your loans quicker.  You can also sign up for more newsletters from the Homeroom Blog!

The Texas Reskilling Support Fund Grant Program is established to support displaced Texas workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic who need to reskill or upskill to get back into the workforce and Texas students who have previously stopped out of higher education institutions without completing a postsecondary credential. Hill College has been fortunate to receive a $112,500 grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) to fund student emergency aid grants to those enrolled in one of the following majors/degrees: