1. Candidates should be a minimum of ten years removed from the completion of their playing career at Hill to be eligible for consideration. This waiting period does not pertain to coaches and staff members.

2. Candidates must have been outstanding athletes while at Hill who have continued to represent and advance the values of the College after their departure.

3. Candidates should be model citizens with no criminal record.

4. Preference will be given to athletes with a history of athletic achievement while playing at the College; however consideration will be given any alum with a body of work compiled at any elite level.

Once completed, a nomination does not need to be re-submitted if the candidate is not selected.

Each year, all non-selected nominations will be reviewed by the selection committee.


  • Selections will be made once a year by the selection committee
  • Selections will be based upon the documentation provided to the committee and any other supporting information the committee may have (University records, yearbook information)
  • Nominees must receive a majority (2/3) of the vote by the committee