ray roberts

Each year, the Ray Roberts Award is awarded to a second year Hill College student athlete who throughout their tenure with the college has consistently demonstrated:

-          A passion for the success of the college

-          A personal  commitment to the advancement and improvement of the college

-          A selfless effort to support and better their teammates and peers

-          A strong work ethic in both the classroom and in their athletic endeavors

-          A positive demeanor and excellent character

The purpose of this award is to celebrate those student athletes who with their dependability, hard work and positive influence have made Hill College a better place by their being here.  Athletic achievement is often and deservedly celebrated, however, institutions such as ours could not continue without the hard work and faithful dedication of the quiet heroes whose contributions are not flashy but are rather steady, constant and selfless.

Selection Process

Nominees for this award will be submitted for review to the Hill College Hall of Fame Committee by Hill College coaches or HOF committee members between the months of May and August. The final selection of the recipient will rest with the Athletic Director on the advisement of the HOF Committee. The award will be presented each year during the annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony.