Printer icon


  1. From your open document (or Web page), click on “File” and then “Print”.

  2. The Go Print log in screen will appear; log in using your standard login protocol and click on “Sign In”.

  3. Your print job will now be listed in the queue; click on the box to the left (Red Arrow) of the print job description to activate the document in the print queue. The boxes on the right hand side: “Account Summary” shows how much print credit is currently available on your account and “Transaction Summary” shows how much your account will be charged for the selected print job.

  4. Click on one of the “Pay and Print” buttons (Blue Arrows) to send the document to the printer or click on “Cancel Jobs” (Green Arrow) to cancel and return to your document.

  5. After the job is sent to the printer a summary of your print activity will then show. If you wish to continue printing, you may do so on the current login session by clicking the “Back” button.

  6. If you are finished printing, click on “Sign Out” to end the session.