Tutoring Available 24/7

Smarthinking is an online tutoring service that Hill College is making available to all its students.

Smarthinking provides tutoring in mathematics (basic math through Calculus, including Bilingual Math), Biology, Intro Human A & P, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Accounting, Intro to Finance, Statistics, Spanish, and Writing. Tutoring is available 24/7.

With Smarthinking You Can:

  • Connect With an e-structor and interact with a live tutor.
  • Submit your Writing Assignments for any class to their Online Writing Lab.
  • Submit a Question and receive a reply from a tutor.

How to Access Smarthinking.com

Log onto one of your Schoology courses

  1. Log into Schoology
  2. Click on your Groups and click on the Smarthinking Group
  3. Follow the instructions found under Resources

Technology Requirements and Troubleshooting Tips

Technology Requirements

Technology Requirements
Operating System Web Browser Internet Connection
Windows (10/8.x/7.x/Vista/XP). Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Microsoft Edge, Firefox 12.0 or higher, Google Chrome. At least 256 kbps (which means nearly all cable and phone company connections will work as well as most satellite connections and internet-connected home wireless networks).
MacOS version 10.4x + Safari 5.0 or higher At least 256 kbps
*Need least 1GB memory and a Pentium Dual Core or faster processor (or equivalent). *Enable JavaScript and allow cookies and pop-ups while you’re running Smarthinking. Please disable all popup blockers. At least 256 kbps

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Make sure that your browser is set up to allow cookies and pop-up windows. Smarthinking uses both of these.
  • Make sure that you have Java installed.
    • If you need to install Java, go to http://www.java.com, and follow the instructions for the free download.
  • Make sure that you have Flash installed.


Smarthinking Technical Support

The Smarthinking Technical Support team is available to assist you. The Customer Support section of the Smarthinking site can answer any questions you may have about using the service. First check the information in the FAQ, but if you still need help, you can call or email Smarthinking support:

  • Call Smarthinking customer support toll-free: (888) 430-7429, ext. 1 Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST
  • Email us at support@smarthinking.com , and someone will respond to you within 24-48 hours. P 888.430.7429 ext. 1.