Monday October 26 — Friday October 30, 2020 All Day
Johnson County Campus

Everything listed below is located on the JCC Campus. Some are images, some are
just the word-identified as (W). All have been on display in public areas since at least
September and are NOT a part of any ‘recent’ holiday decorations.

• "2 Candies" (W)
• Angel
• Astronaut
• Badger (W)
• Baseball player in uniform
• Basketball player in uniform
• Beware (W)
• Cowboy
• Firefighter
• Halloween (W)
• Knight
• Lion
• Monster (W)
• Shazam (W)
• Skull
• Spirit (W)
• Terrified (W)
• Volleyball player in uniform

Take a picture of each one as you find it and email it from your Hill College email
address to:

Prizes will be awarded for the first three students to correctly identify
and send pictures of all the items. If no one submits appropriate photos
of all items as determined by the Dean of Students, prizes will be
awarded to the entries with the most correct responses. For a
comprehensive list of rules, see:

Craig Balch | Dean of Students | JCC Administration Bldg., Room 101