• SUBMIT--your application for admission to Hill College at Apply Texas
  • APPLY--for your FSA ID and password at FSAID  If you don't already have a FSA ID, one is required of each student and at least one parent of a dependent student. 
  • COMPLETE--the FAFSA on the Web.  You will need the Hill College school code of 003573 in order for us to process your financial aid.

What all do I need to complete my FAFSA?

Make sure you have your social security card with you when you apply for your FSA ID as well as applying for FAFSA.  The processing center will send your information through the Social Security Administration to verify all information is correct.  If it is entered wrong you may have to submit a new FAFSA.


You may be offered the opportunity to use the Data Retrieval Tool with the IRS when entering your income Information.   This is th fastest way to verify your income information.  If you are not able to use the Data Retrieval Tool, please see the schedule of tax years you may need to enter the correct income information depending on which FAFSA you are filing.


2021-2022 FAFSA 2022-2023 FAFSA 2023-2024 FAFSA
2019 Income tax 2020 Income tax 2021 Income tax
2019 W-2, 1099's 2020 W-2, 1099's 2021 W-2, 1099's
Months Covered by the FAFSA referenced above
Aug 2021- to July 2022 Aug 2022 to July 2023 Aug 2023 to July 2024



What happens now?

 When the Office of Student Information Services receives the Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR) from the federal processor, a file is considered active. The Student Navigator will review the information reported from the students application, and send a checklist of documentation that is needed to complete the file. Once a student receives a reply from the federal processor or Hill College, it becomes the student's responsibility to contact the Office of Student Information Services to complete his/her file.

Hill College reserves the right to request information on a student even if the student is not selected for verification. All student's applying for federal or state aid will be required to complete an Apply Texas application, and all student's must have a completed admission file before any aid will be awarded. A completed admissions files means all OFFICIAL transcripts either high school, home school, high school equivalency or college transcripts must be received in the Office of Student Information Services. 

Verification is when a school has to verify certain items included on a student's FAFSA. The verification process requires certain pieces of documentation to be requested of a student, parents' of a student, or the spouse of the student.  

If the file is selected for verification or conflicting information is found, a student will be responsible for gathering all documentation asked for by the Student Navigator in a timely manner. Verification items mainly consist of, but are not limited to a student's or spouse's tax return transcripts, parent's tax return transcripts, verification worksheet, or untaxed income. Other items that may be needed are social security card, birth certificate, drivers license, and marriage license.

Corrections may be needed when all documentation is received. A correction can be made through the Office of Student Information Services or by the student by calling 1-800-433-3243. Within 3-5 days the corrected ISIR is usually received. Any correction sent to the federal processor through the Office of Student Financial Aid will need signatures of the student or parent if applicable.

When a file is determined to be complete, the Office of Student Information Services will notify the student of the award amounts through an award letter.  The award letter will be sent to the Hill College Student email account but can also be viewed through the MyFinAid student portal.



Determination of Financial Need and Eligibility

The amount of financial aid that a student is eligible to receive will be determined by the 'Expected Family Contribution' (EFC) and calculated by the Federal processor.  The EFC will appear on the SAR (Student Aid Report) and/or ISIR. This is the amount that a student and/or his or her family is expected to contribute towards the cost of meeting their educational expenses. Another factor that determines the amount of aid that will be received is the 'Cost of Attendance'. This is the amount, as determined by federal and state guidelines, that it will cost the 'average' student to attend Hill College. If you feel that you may have extenuating circumstances which might warrant additional expenses being added to your 'Cost of Attendance' or budget, contact the Office of Student Information Services.



Criteria for Determining Aid

The amount of the Pell Grant to be awarded is determined by the 'Cost of Attendance', the EFC, the number of hours of enrollment, and the Pell payment chart that is published by the United States Department of Education each year. After the amount of the Pell Grant has been determined, other campus based awards may also be awarded, based on the remaining unmet need of the applicant as well as the availability of funds.

The campus based programs have limited funds available, and the majority of the funds are awarded to those neediest applicants who have the earliest completed files. The institution does, however, have the policy of saving a portion of the funds from these programs for students who do not apply for enrollment or financial aid until later in the academic year, in an attempt to make funds readily available to all students. Those students who are interested in the Work-Study Programs are required to submit an additional application before any Work Study award will be made. More information is provided on our Work-Study Web page.