Performing Arts at Hill College enjoys a long and rich tradition of innovative professional training of instrumentalists, vocalists, actors, directors, theater designers, teachers and other performing artists. Our dynamic faculty of practicing professionals is dedicated to serving our students as mentors inside and outside the classroom, and to providing contacts for students to career opportunities in their fields. At Hill, students can enjoy ready access to all of the arts leading to an experience in which the student’s major is complemented by exposure to a wonderfully diverse artistic environment.

Instruction combines traditional forms and approaches with the latest in technological applications to best prepare all of our students for the challenges and expectations that await them in their careers.

The work of the students, faculty and guest artists combine to make our college the artistic and cultural center of the area.

We invite you to visit us, attend our wide array of performing and speaker events throughout each year, and see for yourself that Performing Arts at Hill College is exciting, enlightening and enriching!


About Vara Martin Daniel Performing Arts Center

The Vara Martin Daniel PAC is a well-equipped modified proscenium stage with an auditorium that seats around 400 spectators. There is ample opportunity both in the PAC and around the campus for exploring various aspects of theatrical design and production. The theatre has four lighting bars with Source Four instruments and an Innovator lighting board, as well as a multi-channel sound system. The Performing Arts Center opened an addition to our building in spring 2014, giving the music and drama departments much needed classroom, storage, rehearsal, and workshop space. The theatre gained two dressing rooms, costume, prop, and tool storage, and a large workshop, giving students the space and opportunity to work on designs for classes and productions.