Hello and thank you for your interest in Hill College.  

On behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, I welcome you to the Hill College website. At Hill College, we value people and constantly work toward the best possible student and community experience. We are proud to offer courses and programs to online learners, dual credit students, non-traditional students, and traditional learners. Hill College has four physical locations: The Hill County Campus in Hillsboro, the Johnson County Campus and the Cleburne Technical Center in Cleburne, and the Burleson Higher Education Center in Burleson. 

Hill College offers job training for entry-level and employed workers. We offer a variety of technical programs for students interested in entering the workforce upon completion. And we offer academic programs for students planning to transfer to four-year institutions. Whatever your goals, we have a pathway for you to achieve your dreams, enrich your well-being, and broaden your career options. In addition to our excellent job training, technical and academic programs, we invite the community to enjoy our performing arts and athletic programs. Each summer we offer Kids College, a fun and engaging summer experience for youth entering 1st through 8th grades. 

The faculty and staff of Hill College are steadfast in our dedication to supporting your academic, career, and personal development goals. Our advisors will help you enroll in affordable, high-quality courses that enter you into one of our four academic and career pathways. We believe in your ability to learn and grow through hard work, tenacity, and resilience, with guidance from our talented and nurturing faculty and staff. We are committed to removing barriers and providing innovative and engaging learning environments for you and your classmates from all walks of life. We believe one of the most important aspects of college is that it is a place to have your ideas challenged and your critical thinking sharpened.  

We believe it is critically important for you to learn the practices of civic engagement and civil discourse that will broaden your perspectives and prepare you to contribute to our economy and society. Hill College celebrates cultural and ethnic diversity and recognizes that the most important diversity of all – the diversity of ideas – deepens everyone’s experience and supports the public good. 

Best wishes for your lifetime of learning. 

Let’s Do the Work! 


Dr. Thomas Mills, President