Citation Tips:


"MLA Formatting and Style Guide." Purdue OWL, June. 2018,

Formatting citations, citing the Works Cited page, and sample Works Cited pages.


"Citation Management." Cornell University Library, June. 2018,

More MLA Citation examples. 



Formatting citations, citing the Reference page, and sample Reference pages.

More APA Citation examples.

Essay Strategies

Tips on writing an essay including sample texts and bibliography/citation examples.

Learning Styles

Determining if you are a Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic/Tactile Learner.


Taking notes in class, note taking strategies, and organizing your notes after class.

Stress Management

Provides information on stress management and how to downsize test stress.

Time Management

Helps you to create a schedule, avoid procrastination, and use time effectively.

Study Habits

Study tips to help retain information that works for everyone.

Test Anxiety

Tips on reducing test taking anxiety, staying positive, and focusing.


Tips on test preparation and examples on multiple choice, essay, and math exams.

Study Skills

Active listening skills, memorization techniques, reading comprehension strategies.


Memorization, techniques, tips, and how to improve your memory.

Group Work

How to work within a group/team.


Educational articles/search engine

Finding scholarly approved information and articles online.