Dual Credit Mission Statement

Dual Credit provides affordable access to post-secondary education for high school students, offering a pathway for their educational and career goals.

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Paige Long
Student Navigator
Hill County Campus
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Dual credit is a process by which a high school student enrolls in a college course and receives simultaneous academic credit for the course from both the college and the high school. While dual credit courses are often taught on the secondary school campus to high school students only, a high school student can also take a course on the college campus and receive both high school and college credit.
Dual Credit courses include both academic courses as well as career/technical courses. These courses are stepping stones from high school to college, serving as a path to academic degree programs or college level workforce education courses. Check with your high school counselor for course listings. Grades received in dual credit courses are part of the student's permanent college record.
Dual credit courses are for students in high school who demonstrate college readiness by achieving the minimum passing standards under the provisions of the state of Texas. Refer to the Dual Credit Assessment Testing Chart under Forms.
For proposed tuition & fees check with your high school counselor and look for current tuition and fee amounts under Forms.
Dual Credit students need to complete the pre-registration process including the Apply Texas Application for Admission, Hill College Dual Credit application, submit test scores and submit a high school transcript. Completed students get the college experience by registering online using the MyHC Student Portal.

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