Nomination Form

The Hill College “Cause for Applause” annual award is open to all Hill College employees – Faculty and Staff. This award is to recognize an employee that went above and beyond for promoting student success.


  • An employee must be nominated in order to be considered.
  • All Full-Time and Part-Time employees are eligible to be nominated.
  • The nominated employee must have embodied the Hill College mission, vision, and/or core values. (Any of these three).
  • A nomination form must be completed and a letter of recommendation must be included with the form. – Online submission form.
  • Nomination forms must be submitted no later than May 31st each year.


  • The annual award will be starting the Fall Semester (August all staff day) through the end of the Spring Semester (May 31st)
  • The award will be given out at the all staff day in August for previous year.

Committee Review

  • The winner will be chosen by two blind committee reviews (names will not be included with application)
  • Applications will pass through two different committees – Employee Recognition Committee will be the first review and will narrow down the applicants to the top three candidates. The second committee will be made up of one person from each area of the college. This committee will choose the winner.
  • Committees will review the nominations in June and July.
  • The committee will have a grading rubric to help determine the winner


  • There will only be one winner chosen each year
  • The winner will receive a monetary award (such as a gift card), an actual award (such as a nice glass award), and a framed certificate
  • All nominations will be called to the stage and then the winner will be named

Nomination Criteria

  • Accepts responsibilities and performs duties above and beyond what is normally expected
  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge and competence in a wide array of work related topics
  • Uses knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot/solve problems quickly
  • Handles a large workload effectively and in a timely fashion
  • Completes tasks with little description, direction, or supervision
  • Exhibits a high degree of professionalism
  • Serves as a checkpoint for quality control

  • Interacts with others in a positive, enthusiastic, and cheerful manner
  • Commands the respect of co-workers, supervisor, students, and clients alike
  • Assists others with both personal and professional challenges that impact work life
  • Remains calm and assured in a crisis while helping others get through the crisis
  • Provides services which are outside the scope of the job
  • Acts as a team player and encourages teamwork in others

  • Acts as a mentor for others by providing advice, guidance, feedback, and encouragement
  • Helps to integrate new employees or supervisors into the work environment
  • Shares personal knowledge and skills with others in an effort to train them
  • Recognizes other’s special events and/or accomplishments, either publicly or privately
  • Takes the initiative to improve individual skills and knowledge

  • Suggests and/or develops new work methods that increase productivity, and save time and money
  • Reorganizes work to increase effectiveness
  • Eliminates unnecessary steps or actions for delivering services
  • Identifies and addresses work problems

  • Serves on College related committees that promote the Department, Division and/or College and its staff, students, and external stakeholders
  • Works with groups outside the Department, Division and/or College to promote the welfare of staff, students, and clients
  • Performs work that has brought attention and distinction to the Department, Division and/or College
  • Develops processes or programs that are imitated in other Department, Division and/or College

Exemplifies/demonstrates the Hill College Core Values, Mission and/or Vision.

  • Accountability – We demonstrate accountability by taking ownership of our commitments and responsibilities.
  • Dedication – We validate dedication as a commitment to the highest level of performance in our duties.
  • Integrity – We assert our integrity by demonstrating the virtues of high ethical and moral behavior in order to instill confidence and trust to our college community.
  • Positivity – We show our positivity intentionally to create an optimistic culture at Hill College.
  • Respect– We establish respect by valuing those around us.
Hill College provides high quality, comprehensive educational programs and services. The college enhances the educational, cultural, and economic development of its service area and prepares individuals for a more productive life.
  • Grow Hill College to be the "College of Choice"
  • Showcase Hill College as a unique and innovative institution of teaching and learning
  • Promote student success