1.  Increase Your Earning Power

Community college graduates make more money on average than high school graduates. And those who complete technical programs may earn more than many four-year university graduates. Even if you plan to get a bachelor's degree, starting out at a community college is a great choice for the first two years.

2. Save money

It’s the simplest math ever: A private university will cost you about $50,000 per year. That drops to around $9,500 per year for a state university. But to attend Hill College? Only slightly more than $2,000 per year. And there is financial aid available to help.

3. Financial Assistance

Most people can use a little help paying for college, even with Hill College’s low tuition. Scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs are readily available to those who apply early and qualify.

4. Open Admission

One of the great things about a community college is that it’s here to serve everyone. If you lack a high school diploma, we’ll help you get it. If you aren't well prepared for college reading, writing or math, we can get you up to speed. If you tried college before and messed up, we’re your second chance. Changing careers? That’s another good reason to sign up at Hill College. Whatever your situation, we have a program for you.

5. Go to College Without Leaving Home

Maybe you have a job or a family to take care of. If you can’t drop everything to go off to college, then you will appreciate the three convenient locations where Hill College offers courses throughout our five-county service area. We have campuses in Hillsboro and Cleburne and a center in Burleson. Many courses can also be taken online.

6. Classes to Fit a Busy Schedule

With classes during the day, evening, on weekends, and even online, Hill College offers the flexibility to help you proceed with your education while doing the other things you need to do in your life. Other options include mini-mesters and summer classes to help you pick up classes you need in a shorter time.

7. Wide Choice of Programs

Whether you want to take one class, obtain a technical certificate, or earn an associate’s degree, you will find what you need among the 75 academic and technical programs, and several Continuing Education offerings.  Just looking over our list of majors could open your eyes to some exciting possibilities.

8. Small Classes

At four-year colleges, many of the classes you'll take in your first two years will be huge (sometimes more than 300 students), relatively impersonal, and conducted by teaching assistants rather than professors. At Hill College, class sizes are much smaller, and classes are taught by experienced instructors who know your name and give you personal attention.

9. Great Instructors

Instructors at Hill College bring a wealth of preparation to their jobs, including both academic and work experience. You will receive personalized attention in classroom or lab settings from professionals who know the field and can prepare you for a job or to transfer to a university.

10. Get a Second Chance

Maybe you tried college and it didn't work out. Your personal life or your job got in the way. You weren't focused then, but you are now. Hill College is here to provide that second chance. We’ll advise you, admit you, help you get financial assistance, and put you in the classes you need. If you really are ready this time, you’ll complete your program and be working in your field or transferring to a university in a matter of months.

11. Lots of Support

So maybe you need a little help along the way. Advising and tutoring are free, as is the library and its many online resources. You will also benefit from testing, computer labs, and many other services that are provided to help assure that Hill College students are successful.

12. Athletics and Activities Galore

It’s hard to match the thrill of intercollegiate competition. Games are played most days, and they are all free to students. There is basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball, soccer and rodeo. Get to know the jocks on campus; then go out and support the Rebels!

Whether you are a fan or a participant, you will enjoy being a part of intramural sports, and music and theater performances at the Hillsboro campus. You will also find many other activities sponsored by student organizations and the Student Services offices in Cleburne and Hillsboro.

13. Transfer Opportunities

If you plan to earn a bachelor’s degree, or go even further, you’ll find most if not all your basic courses will transfer from Hill College. And to make the process even simpler, we have partnered with eight area universities so Hill College students can enroll with them to enjoy all perquisites the university has to offer, while benefiting from the low cost and convenient locations of Hill College. And this also assures a seamless transfer to the senior university.

14. Keep your friends and make new ones too

If you are from Hill College’s five-county service area, chances are good you’ll find people you know already studying at Hill College. And, once you get started, you will meet more people who are interested in the same things you are. You’ll make new friends as you become part of the Hill College family.

15. Great Regional Location

Enjoy the safety and convenience of a small-town, with easy access to the major metropolitan cities of Dallas, Fort Worth and Waco. Shopping, sports and entertainment are a short drive away, while you enjoy friendly, home-town folks, no traffic, easy parking (with no parking fees), and a safe environment. And if you are more the outdoor sort, you also have easy access to hunting and fishing, camping and kayaking, and even skydiving.